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Brazilian men
against sexual violence

Brazil 11.06.2021

“Pass the stick!”, “sit down!”, “take it!”, “eat”, “mesh”, “fuck”, “yeah, stallion!”, “catcher”, “eater”, “no there are women who can't, only men who don't know how to catch them!”, “she's asking”, “go there, get her, show that she's male!”, “she doesn't give you a kick? it's because you're playing hard to get”.

It is frightening to hear (or read) such aggressive expressions, one after the other. It seems that they gain an even greater dimension of aggressiveness. That's what I felt when I watched the campaign movie It's my problem! , launched last week on social networks by volunteers, and which has already gone viral.

Without any link with institutions or political parties, this movement began to be developed here, in Brazil, as soon as the Israeli engineer Jacob Shar, who has lived in Rio de Janeiro for four years, watched the original film last year.

He was very touched by the campaign message launched in August 2020 in Israel, with the film It's My Problem! , carried out to “break with the predominant and toxic model of masculinity widespread in our society”.

“The problem is man's, yes! We allow the culture of objectification of women . We feel that we are special when we win many women. And it doesn't have to be like that!”, he highlighted in an interview with O Globo newspaper .

“I remembered cases like that of Mariana Ferrer (a victim of “involuntary rape” , whose aggressor was identified by the police, but shamefully acquitted) and I thought that Brazil needed a message like this,” he added.

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Brazilian teens
against sexual violence

Brazil 09.03.2022

On March of 2022 we were all suprised to ind a new version in Brazil, this time as a high school project in Sao Paulo Brazil.

These teens dedicated the project for the international woman's day.

Their version, released on Instagram, might be the one dearest to our hearts!

We are so very proud of them for stepping up, let's hope there are more to come!

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Marcos Veras

Karen Junqueira

Maurren Maggi

Chico César

Edson Celulari

Luiz Fernando Guimarães

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