ISRAEL 06.09.2020

The concept was born in Israel after the alleged group rape of one 16 year old girl.
It started when Nadav Slor and Mordechai Braunstein felt that, as men, they could no longer stay silent. 
The idea was to create a viral video of men rallying other men to take action to stop sexual violence and violence against women.

Yael Rapoport had the same idea and joined Mordechai and Nadav and the concept was born.
With a week's production the video was shot with a cast and crew comprised of mostly men and everyone and everything volunteered for the project.

The video coins the term 'goal oriented sexuality' and asks the (male) viewers to consider how it feels to be on the receiving end of such a treatment. 
The project also used a unique distribution method - 'decentralized distribution'. The original file was shared with whomever wanted to share it and it was uploaded by 3000 different social media accounts over the span of a week.

A 13 second version of the video was shown on 23 jumbo screens across Israel.

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